Glowave Complete Glow Party Black Light Kit. Contains 4 x 6.5ft long UV Ultraviolet Black Lights LED (26ft total). With 2 power adapters and splitter cables. For neon glow parties

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Manufacturer Description

The latest in black light technology. Simply stick the UV lights to your walls or ceiling, plug them in & watch the room light up. Designed to cover a whole room in black light UV with light shining from all directions. The 395nm wavelength produces real UV light & is safe for prolonged exposure. These kits are the easiest, cheapest & best way to host a black light rave party. The flexible lights can bend around corners to suit any space. AWESOME USES These black light kits are obviously great for rave parties but they can be used for many other applications. Glowave black light kits have been used to fill yoga studios, school halls for dances, entire neon putt putt courses, black light sports centers for neon workouts & black light dodgeball. Must have for DJs! HALLOWEEN DECORATING! These kits will work amazingly well with your Halloween decorations! Throw a spooky glow on white & neon cobwebs & other fluro decorations with these awesome Halloween lights. More info, how to videos & pictures can be found on our website at Glow Party World. CONTENTS - 4 x 2m long (6.5ft) UV LED black light strips. Energy efficient 28.8 watts per light. High lumens for maximum glow. 8m of lights in total - 26ft, adhesive backing, 2 x 12v 5A power adapters (CE, SAA, FCC, ROHS, EMC approved) with splitter cables. PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your wall surface some sticky tape may be required to help the lights adhere to the surface or to support the cables and adapters (if these are raised off the ground). After the initial usage the adhesive tape may loose it's stick. Sticky tape or sticky tack can be used the next time you wish to put up the lights. Glow Party World is a small family owned Business run by the Weller brothers. If you need any help with your product or have any questions at all about glow parties, please reach out to us, we are here to help and we appreciate your support. We are confident that you will love our product. Please leave us a review!

Product Features

The 4 long length black lights in this glow party kit provide the easiest way to surround your party space in UV light. Blacklight kit contains 395nm real ultraviolet black lights. Put one on each wall and glow from every angle! Super quick set up! Each black light comes with an adhesive backing. Simply stick them up and plug them in. No special fittings or electrical work necessary. New improved stock arrived May 2018! These UV lights have 120 bright LEDs each and will produce more ultraviolet light in an area than multiple black light bulbs or tubes. Longer lasting 30,000 hour life span. No glass and do not heat up! These LED black lights will not smash like UV bulbs, light bars, cannons and tubes can. Put them on the walls without fear of guests breaking them or burning themselves. Unlike most other styles, which are bulky, these LED black lights roll up into a small box for easy storage. One GlowaveTM kit will light up a good sized room or party space, 2 glow kits will light up a large party space or a couple of rooms, 4 of these black light kits will light up an entire indoor basketball court! Make your neon party clothing, neon decorations, fluro paints and pens look incredible!

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